2Gether-AU Chapter E-Board Applications


The applications are now officially open

for  2Gether-AU E-Board.

2Gether-International is the only non-profit corporation leading the Disabilities Right Movement across college campuses worldwide. We do this by fostering a global student-led community that emphasizes the importance of disability as part of human diversity.

Program Overview

  • - Sensory Workshop – during which students simulate a disability, interact with students who identify as disabled and reflect on the experience.
  • -Weekly Safe Space Meeting – during which students have a safe environment to discuss the social aspects of disability and its intersectionality with other identities.
  • -Global Summit – during which students from around the world, who have participated in the program come together to share and compare their cultural experiences and perspectives towards disability. Ultimately developing an action plan to impact their local communities.
*As an e-board member you will be responsible for running the Sensory Workshops and Weekly Safe Space Meetings at your school, while nonprofit staff organizes the Global Summit.


General Requirements:

      • - Current student at American University
      • -Full availability during 2Gether’s Sensory Workshop (November 8th & 9th)
      • - Committed to working two academic semesters
      • - Self-motivated  – you have a great opportunity, but also have a great responsibility.
      • - Passionate about changing the world, driven to social change.
      • - Curious about the sociocultural perception of disability.
    • - Letter of Recommendation and Evaluation from 2Gether’s Chief Executive Officer
    • - Guaranteed spot on our end of the year Global Summit 2014
    • - One E-board member will be selected and offered  non-profit internship at the end of the program.

APPLY HERE !  Aplication due by 11:59pm on Friday, March 25th

Questions? Please contact info@2gether-intenational.org


Positions Descriptions

Operations Officer (VP)

  • -Coordinate the high school workshop in the fall
  • -Coordinate the college workshop in the spring
  • -Oversee the workshop coordinators
  • -Oversee volunteer recruitment for both workshops
  • -Coordinate club logistics (such as booking spaces for our weekly meetings)

Orientation Leaders Coordinator

  • -Recruit 10-12 Orientation Leaders
  • -Train Orientation Leaders
  • —Leaders of a student group during the workshop, responsible for motivating and guiding students through the workshop.
  • -Meet at least 4 times with all Orientation Leaders

Activities Coordinator

  • -Recruit 10-12 Activities Volunteers
  • -Train Activities Volunteers
  • —Responsible researching and for running a particular disability simulation and/or team building activity during the workshop
  • -Meet at least 4 times with all Activities Volunteers

Logistics Coordinator

  • -Recruit 10-12 Logistics Volunteers
  • -Train Logistics  Volunteers
    • —Responsible for setting up decorations, ordering food, taking pictures, among other tasks
  • Meet at least 4 times with all Activities Volunteers

Events Coordinator

  • -Plan 2 panel discussions per semester
  • -Bring 1-2 speakers to AU throughout the year (apart from workshop speaker)
  • -Coordinate volunteer opportunities in DC for our club members
  • -Coordinate all club tabling
  • -Coordinate the Action Plan Worksheet which concludes our workshops

Financial Director

  • -Raise $5,000 over the course of the year (includes workshop expenses, events, & chapter dues)
  • -Apply for AU club grants for club meetings and events
  • -Balance the club’s budget
  • -Create and launch 2 online crowdfunding campaigns on websites such as Kickstarter and Rockethub
  • -Secure donations for our workshops from our local partners (such as Chipotle and Z-Burger)

*Note: The Financial Director is encouraged to enlist help from outside of the e-board in order to complete these tasks

Director of Public Relations

  • -Manage the chapter’s social media sites (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest) and AU’s page on the 2Gether-International website
  • -Design posters for our workshop campaigns, club meetings, and fundraising events
  • -Create videos (1 video for the online crowdfunding campaign, 1 for the workshop inaugurations, and 1 for the workshop closing ceremonies) –each video is less than 3 minutes in length
  • -Document the fall and spring workshop with photos and videos

*Note: The PR Director is encouraged to enlist help from outside of the e-board in order to complete these tasks. PR Director ought to be familiar with HTML, Photoshop, iMovie and/or Final Cut Pro

 APPLY HERE !  Aplication due by 11:59pm on Friday, March 25th