Stephanie Mykonos

What is your disability?

I was was born approximately 4 months early, weighing 1 lb and 3 oz and spent the first several months of life in Washington Hospital Center’s ICU. Consequently, I am visually impaired and have a retinal hole.

I am beyond grateful for the life saving treatment and everyone who has supported me throughout life.

What is your business?

I founded a visual disability advocacy organization, Eye Link Me, a new LLC for the Eye Link Me app — in partnership with James’ Binary Bootcamp. We seek to pair low and no income persons with free eye exams and glasses.

How does your disability relate to your business? How does your disability influence your business?

An unmet need exists to pair low and no income persons with free eye screenings and glasses.

How has Disability Startup Network (DSN) been helpful to you?

The DSN Leadership Committee is nothing short of amazing. The programming is variable and DSN Meetups are a new, value added resource in our nation’s capital to encourage others who are disabled to become entrepreneurs.

DSN has paired Eye Awareness with a fellow entrepreneur - he has kindly offered to develop the Eye Awareness app.

As you can imagine, the app will (1) pair low and no income persons with eye doctors and (2) pair low and no income persons with free eye glasses.

Additional comments

As you can see, the choices you make today impacts your future, if you have an off day — to paraphrase Churchill:

“Never Ever Give Up” on your passions, dreams and life’s purpose.

Always Pay It Forward.